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V.I.P. Executive Dinner Cruise Corporate Private - NO BOAT FEE . . . .

Cocktail Party Cruise Corporate/ Private

Small Group V.I.P. Dinner Cocktail Cruise

Brunch / Lunch Cruise Corporate & Private

Birthday - Anniversary -Party Dance Cruises

Rehearsal / Reception Dinner Cruises

Wedding - Receptions on the Water

Sightseeing Boat Tours Private Party Cruise

Holiday / Christmas Dinner Party Cruises

Holiday Special Lunch / Brunch Cruise

Day on the Bay Boat Rental MYFriendship-Biscayne Bay

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Wedding / Receptions Dinner Cocktail Party Cruises


Valentine Day Dinner Cruise Public & Private


Easter Sunday Brunch / Lunch Cruise & Dinner Cruise for the Public - Click Here


Mothers Day Lunch / Brunch and Dinner Cruise - Public & Private Cruises


Fathers Day Public Brunch / Lunch & Barbecue cruise


Labor Day Party Cruise & Baarbecue Information


July 4th Fireworks Dance Party Cruise Event - Public & Private Charters


Thanksgiving Day Lunch / Brunch & Dinner Cruise Private & Public Charters


New Years Eve Fireworks Cruise - Private & Public Cruises

Day on the Bay - Boat Rental - Bring Your Own Food & Liquor


Bay Brunch / Lunch Cruise Information - Public & Private Charters


NO BOAT FEECorporate V.I.P. Dinner Cocktail Cruise


Dinner Cocktail Paty Cruise Yachts for Large Groups



MT Celebration 92' Skipperliner Dinner Cruise Private Charter Yacht

. . .Dinner Cruises - Corporate & Private / on the Water Charter Yacht Events

. . . . . MT Celebration - Dinner Cruise Boat & Cocktail Charter Cruises - Miami - Miami Beach, Coconut Grove -Ft Lauderdale Fl.

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White Wedding Special @ $119.50 p/perso n - Click for Information for Weddings on the Water


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Corporate / Private and Public Dinner Cruise Boats & Charter Events, Dinner Cocktail Cruise & Party Events - 92' Private Dinner Cruise Yacht - U.S. Coast Guard Certified / Corporate Dining and Private Dinner Cruise Events on Biscayne Bay - Miami, Miami Beach, Coconut Grove , Key Biscayne, Hollywood and Ft / Fort Lauderdale, South Florida

New Years Eve Cocktail Party Cruise Gala - Charter Yacht MT Celebration - Dinner Key Marina, Miami / Miami Beach / Coconut Grove w/ Free Parking - Full Food and Beverage, DJ w/ Upper Deck Dancing, Fireworks Display, Multi Bar Service - Public & Private Charter Boat Cruises Available . . . . Click to get Information

New Years Eve Party Fireworks Cruise / Click for Information and Reservations

Holiday Cocktail Dinner Cruise Yacht - Corporate anad Private Charter Yacht MT Celebration - Dinner Key Marina, Miami / Miami Beach / Coconut Grove w/ Free Parking - Full Food and Beverage, DJ w/ Upper Deck Dancing, Fireworks Display, Multi Bar Service - Public & Private Charter Boat Cruises Available . . . . Click to getHoliday Party Cruise Information

MT Celebration - Seperate Room for Buffet Service - Onboard Food Service w/ Professional Chef - From Oven to Guests - Open Sushi Station


V.I.P. Corporate / Private Event Dinner Cruise Yacht Special

3 1/2 hr Dinner Cruise - Hors + 2 Course Dinner Entree + Dessert + DJ +Photographer to Capture Event + Bar & Beverage Service - Owner Hosted Event - $69.50 per person .

Holiday Luncheon Cruise & Cocktail Party Events Click Here to View Lunch / Dinner Events - Click to View Deal

35 Passenger Boat Rental - Private Corporate V.I.P. Charter Yacht on Biscayne Bay - - Dinner Cruises Brunch / Lunch Cruises

500 Passenger Dinner Cruise Yacht for Corporate or Private Charter Dinner Cruise Boat / Yacht

Bay Brunch Cruise Public / Private Event from Coconut Grove, Florida - Celebration

Special $69.50 p/p Holiday Christmas Dinner Cocktail Cruise - Corporate &Private Christmas Parties


Holiday Events - Public & Private Dinner Cruise & Lunch Holiday Lunch Calendar. . . . . . . . .. . . .

New Years Eve Fireworks Cruise - Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Coconut Grove - Public & Private Event

Valentine's Day Cruise - Public and Private Cruises Click for Information

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Mothers Day Brunch / Lunch & Dinner Cruises Click for Information

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July 4th Fireworks Party Dance Cruise - Cocktail & Dinner Cruise Party Dance Yacht Click for Event Info.

Thanksgiving Day Dinner Cruise / Brunch - Lunch Cruise - Public Private Cruises

Labor Day Dinner / Lunch BrnchCruise - Public Cruise - Miami / Coconut Grove - Click for Information

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Public & Private Dinner Cruises: Mothers Day / Fathers Day / Valentine's Day / Easter Sunday Cruise / Holiday Events

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My Wedding on the Water - Rehearsal / Reception Dinner Cruises - 20 to 100 Guests - Click for Details

St Patty Day Party Dance Cruise - Public & Private Events - Executive / Corporate V.I.P. Dinner Cruise

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New Years Eve Party Fireworks Cruise / Click for Information and Reservations

Corporate Charters, Private Diner Boat Rentals and Social Yacht Charter Event Dinner Cocktail Parties & Holiday Mini Cruises Biscayne Bay departs from; Coconut Grove, Miami, Miami Beach, FortLauderdale, Aventura, Coconut Grove, Hollywood Florida, South Beach, Coral Gables, Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Stuart, Jensen Beach, Palm Island, Hutshinson Island, South Miami, North Miami, Waterways, Key Biscayne in South Florida Click Here for Dinner Cruise Information - Private & Corporate


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New Years Eve Orange Party Public Cruise Information and Booking Information -

New Years -Miami, Miami Beach, Ft. Lauderdale & Coconut Grove, South Florida

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Corporate Charter Yacht Celebration Picture Page - Click Here

New Years Eve Party Cruise Count Down Clock - Information Click Here

July 4 th, Fireworks Cruise - Miami, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale & Coconut Grove, South Florida

Valentine's Day Cruise - Miami, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale &Coconut Grove, South Florida

Sightseeing Dinner Cocktail Cruises for Corporate / Private Groups for 150 Guests

Corporate / Private Dinner Cruises - Lunch & Brunch Cruises, Miami Florida - www.yachtcelebration.com

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Wedding Charter Yacht Catalina - Click Here

Wedding / Rehearsal Dinner Cruises - Yacht Caprice - Click Here

www.bookitmiami.com - Dinner cruise / Party dance yachts / boats and program selections

Sunset Dinner Cruises Boat Index - Yacht Celebration

Sweet 16 Party Cruise - Bar - Bat Mizvah Party Cruise Information

Mothers Day Cruise - Luncheon / Dinner Event Information Public and Private Charters - Mothers Day Cruise General Information

Fathers Day Cruise - Dinner / Lunch Information Public and Private Charters

Mothers Day Cruise - Easter Sunday Lunch Cruise

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Dinner Cruise Charter Yachts / All www.dinnercruiseinformation.com

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